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Non contact PU automatic dispensing machine

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The spray is a special way of dispensing, also called non contact methods, in this way the effect of dispensing better contact dispensing, so the manufacturer is moving in the direction of non-contact dispensing direction, introduce the non-contact PU automatic dispensing machine here.
Non contact automatic dispensing machine
Non contact type PU automatic dispensing function objects of different shapes of spray glue, glue evenly and not only the docking area is wide, the operator can modify the parameters by PC control system, the non contact type PU automatic dispensing machine is applicable for various work requirements. It is self-evident advantages of non-contact dispensing, through this special automatic dispensing technique can avoid various defects may occur in the process of dispensing work, glue dispensing process drawing does not appear, and non friction contact methods of small, low requirements on the equipment, so the dispensing equipment is relatively long working life.
Large automatic glue dispensing machine
Non contact type PU automatic dispensing machine of the large area, so as to achieve multiple objects simultaneously dispensing, dispensing and docking not only the effect of uniform effect, provide working power multiple servo motor, so that the equipment can carry out automatic dispensing work in the best working state.
Non contact automatic dispensing machine
PU glue is a kind of special glue, the glue is called white glue, adhesive butt is mainly used in PVC, rubber, leather and other materials, a long-term high temperature does not affect the joint properties, and contactless PU automatic dispensing machine is suitable for the special glue, through the automatic dispensing machine for processing in the PU glue can a spray, wide coverage and docking viscosity is not affected, so the application in the production pipeline widely.