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Jet high speed automatic dispensing machine

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Automatic dispensing machine is a commonly used in industrial equipment, with the market demand rise and change of micro dispensing automatic dispensing machine has been unable to meet some of the large object production line, appear jet dispensing machine can help consumers make large objects dispensing work, including high speed jet dispensing machine belongs to a representative dispensing equipment.
CNC floor type automatic spraying machine
The spray is a special way of dispensing, high speed injection rate with the dispensing mode, can quickly carry out high-speed glue of different objects, there is no need to perform Z axis move up and down can help users save glue, automatic dispensing work time to a certain extent, the teach box can of spray parameters through the revision operation, resorted to glue more even more convenient for operation personnel control, the biggest advantage is to glue glue coated on some large objects, not only a wide area and strong effect of coated docking, so the jet type high-speed automatic dispensing machine was widely used.
Large automatic glue machine
Jet type high-speed automatic dispensing machine is equipped with a spray head, can achieve a variety of point, line and plane uniform coating, the maximum rate of dispensing reached 150 mg per second, coating evenly without blemish free path deviation. The jet high speed automatic dispensing machine adopts a powerful stepping motor to provide the work kinetic energy, and makes the dispensing function perform more automatic dispensing at high speed. The role of high-speed jet dispensing can also avoid common wire drawing problems, because it does not need touch touch, glue will not stick to the dispensing needle, so there will not be glue drawing problems.
Longmen type automatic glue machine
General jet dispensing machine there are defects in the working process, is the glue conversion rate is not high, more waste treatment for spraying fog, transformed by spraying type high speed automatic dispensing glue dispensing function maximally, help consumers save production cost.