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Zhongcheng fully automatic desktop foam dispenser

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Desktop foam dispensing machine belongs to a relatively exclusive type of dispensing equipment. This machine is developed for foaming rubber. It can solve the problem of high concentration foam adhesive bonding. The Foam Gel foams after dispensing and then solidifies. This is a chemical reaction. It also needs to ensure that the automatic dispensing machine does not appear in the dispensing valve during the process of dispensing. Bubble.
桌面型发泡点胶机 Characteristics of Foam Gum
Foaming glue belongs to a kind of conjugate glue, which aggregates very different kinds of elements, such as catalyst, foaming glue and a chemical, so the procedure required in the process will be very troublesome. According to the current dispensing equipment, few organic machines and dispensing accessories can meet the requirements of the use of foaming glue. The use depends on the concentration of glue and dispensing valve, the general proportion of foaming glue, desktop. According to the domestic double-liquid dispensing valve, the foam dispensing machine can also be bonded to the plastic steel doors and windows.
It works better to apply that machine.
大型发泡胶点胶机 In fact, plastic steel door and window bonding will be better used in large automatic dispensing machine, small machine is not particularly good compared to the door and window bonding, generally plastic steel doors and windows are large, and then the use of desktop type will be more passive, and glue, medium-sized dispensing machine can also be installed on the corresponding foam dispensing valve.
Manufacturer's recommendation
发泡点胶机 If you are a small plastic steel door and window bonding, you can use desktop foam dispensing machine, the cost will be reduced relatively. The automatic dispensing machine we produce, mainly according to customer product needs, chooses desktop foam dispensing machine is the most suitable point of problem may affect the performance of dispensing equipment, according to the current number of production, or ordering. There are more customers to make large computers.