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Multi-function glue sprayer with realizable injection techno

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Jet technology needs to be combined with spray dispensing valve to achieve, and the multi-functional spray machine we will introduce next is a very advanced dispensing equipment, which will be different from the dispensing machine used in the past. What is the spray technology to help dispensing? Let Xiaobian introduce to you the performance and advantages of this multi-functional spraying machine.
Visual System of Jet Dispenser
Because what we need to know is its visual system, the dispensing system made by high-definition camera can automatically identify the dispensing position, ensure the stability of dispensing accuracy and improve production efficiency. This visual system can let you no longer arrange products, directly complete dispensing task, and the effect of spraying paint on automobile stamping parts will be greatly improved, not limited. The debugging of dispensing path is the first step of multi-functional spraying machine.
Dispensing effect of dispensing valve
The second is the imported dispensing valve of the spray dispensing machine, which can achieve very high dispensing accuracy. It can really meet the technical requirements of 0.01mm dispensing. The effect of spraying low-viscosity glue will be better. The spraying of automobile stamping parts is to use multi-functional spraying machine, which can produce at least 10,000 to 20,000 per day. This is a production that is far from being achieved manually. That's why visual jet dispensers are so expensive.
Operating System of Machine
Multipurpose spraying machine also uses computer operating system and PLC control system. PLC programming is relatively simple and easy to program, but only one programming can realize countless times of use. It is really a very good method. This spray dispensing machine combines a lot of dispensing technology and precise imported dispensing valves. The effect of using this dispensing machine is much higher than that of ordinary dispensing machine.
When we launched this dispensing equipment, we have tested its dispensing effect. We can produce dispensing equipment according to the actual application of your industry production, which can more meet the production needs of your industry, speed up dispensing, and can also be combined with the assembly line to dispensing, so that you can achieve a truly fully automated production mode, fully automated production has been achieved. It is no longer a concept. With the increase of labor cost, the opportunity of using jet dispensing is more cost-effective.
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