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High precision vision dispensing machine imported from Germa

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The visual feature is it dispensing machine screw screw dispensing valve and visual dispensing system, screw dispensing valve is a high-end double liquid dispensing valve, which can meet the double liquid glue mixing ratio of 1:1 to 10:1, without glue supply system, can achieve such requirements, to achieve the effect of the inlet is so dispensing valve also features one of the visual screw dispensing valve.
No rules put and speed glue machine vision
视觉螺杆点胶机 The visual dispenser in the current industry application is the need of high precision dispensing dispensing industry, it has high precision dispensing and automatic identification, for example: after I designed a visual screw dispensing machine spraying procedure without mobile phone Cato, a regular mobile phone display Cato also can automatically identify to the dispensing position and dispensing, and collocation the screw dispensing valve dispensing effect Satisfied, the production efficiency will enhance the quality, because the speed of vision dispensing machine can reach 1000mm/s, dispensing very fast.
Glue dispensing machine accessories collocation
The screw dispenser and our visual production, is a large visual dispenser, dispensing accessories in all aspects of relatively complete, such as the collocation of pneumatic jet valve, piston barrel pressure, computer, PLC control system, the piston pressure barrel, screw dispensing valve and precision dispensing needle, using pneumatic without the use of glue to the needle injection valve, and is suitable for mobile phone Cato spraying, and the screw You will need to configure the dispensing valve mixing tube, two times to enhance the mixing ratio of glue.
With automatic cleaning function
气压喷射阀 Will the two piston pressure barrel collocation as barrel screw dispensing machine vision reserves, because we set the vision dispensing machine is a large machine, use the glue after cleaning is not easy, so the configuration of two piston pressure barrel, easy cleaning, the dispensing system is with automatic cleaning function, can automatically clean the valve with glue hose, this can reduce the maintenance of trouble, This is the new smart dispenser.
Real quick, automatic function
Visual screw valve dispensing machine is a high-tech product, but also many types of collocation glue valve for dispensing, pneumatic injection valve is one of the piston pressure barrel is the standard parts of it, combined with the overall mobile phone accessories, to complete the Cato and realizes rapid spraying, accurate dispensing, dispensing and automatic dispensing. If you need a vision dispensing machine, welcome to call the power Service hotline: 139-2840-3389.