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As a machine with better performance of dispensing equipment, the floor-type visual dispensing machine can meet the dispensing requirements of dispensing appliances with various types of products. For example, the screen sealing of mobile phones nowadays basically uses the floor-type visual dispensing machine as production equipment, because it has high-precision dispensing function, and can also meet the production mode of pipeline, greatly improving the production efficiency.
Visual dispenser parameters
Model: zz-ld-768 Machine Name: Ground Visual Dispenser
落地式视觉点胶机 Visual System: German HD Visual Positioning System Operating System: Computer End
Power Device: Stepper Motor/Servo Motor Sensor: LED Red/Green Light Source
Dispensing accuracy: 0.01mm repetitive dispensing accuracy: +0.02%
Transfer speed: 1000mm/s air pressure requirement: 0.9-7 MPa
Z Bearing Force: 10kg Machine Weight: 600kg
视觉www.668866.com Some machines with better accessories can meet some high-precision requirements of dispensing industry. Mobile screen sealing is one of them. This industry has very high requirements for dispensing, and no errors can occur. For example, glue filling and glue speed control should achieve the desired results, otherwise it will cause poor dispensing, which directly affects the screen sealing of mobile phones. The effect, to achieve high-precision dispensing, then the use of accessories can not be poor.
Dispensing accessories and systems for use
There are many core accessories used in floor dispensing machine, such as visual dispensing system, precise motion control system, sensor dispensing system, precise dispensing valve, piston dispensing syringe and so on. Why is piston dispensing syringe a core component? There are some special glue, need to use piston dispensing syringe to complete the dispensing task. The advantage of using piston dispensing syringe is that it can accurately absorb glue, not cause leakage, conform to the use of high-viscosity glue. It has good sealing effect in mobile phone screen, and will not appear the problem of glue seam filling and uneven glue flow control.
视觉点胶机 Achievable dispensing requirements
The glue filling needs to be selected according to the needs of the industry and the high-precision dispensing machine is needed for the screen sealing of mobile phones. The choice of floor-mounted visual dispensing machine can meet the needs. Some can use ordinary dispensing machine to complete production and select a machine. It needs to combine various requirements, such as the speed of glue, dispensing accuracy, control effect, site requirements, product size, etc. All of them need to be satisfied, so the floor-mounted visual dispensing machines we produce are all non-standard machines. There is no standard type. If you have an order, it will help you to do it. The production cycle generally lies in fifteen days.