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Large automatic spray dispensing machine landing double Y-ax

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Ground-type double Y-axis visual dispensing machine makes a dispensing equipment with visual dispensing function. At present, it needs high precision and fast dispensing technology. It basically uses visual dispensing machine. This machine can complete dispensing task with assembly line. It is fast and accurate. When applied in dispensing industry, dispensing effect will not disappoint you, which is in line with the use of accessories of visual dispensing machine. Connection.
视觉点胶机 Visual dispenser parameters
Machine Model: zz-sj-47 (Dual-station) Machine Name: Ground-mounted Double Y-axis Visual Dispenser
Dispensing speed: X / y 800mm / s transmission mode: ball screw and synchronous belt
视觉点胶机 Driving mode: servo motor + stepping motor induction system: visual positioner + sensor
Operating System: Computer End + PLC Motion System: Neutral Independent Research and Development System
Accuracy of dispensing: 0.01mm type of dispensing valve: imported spraying valve + ordinary dispensing valve
双Y轴视觉点胶机 Z-axis load: 10kg machine weight: 650kg
Fittings and Selection of Visual Dispenser
The standard accessories of the ground-type double Y-axis visual dispensing machine include imported dispensing valves, dispensing pressure barrels, signal lamps, repair handles, dispensing devices, etc. The selection of laser positioning, height-measuring sensors, automatic combination accessories and so on can be based on the requirements of the corresponding accessories, similar to the chest spray paint, the selection of height-measuring sensors is more in line with its production needs, and can better control the spray paint. Products. ,
Visual dispensing machine has two aspects which are more prominent. One can accurately locate the camera and the imported paint spraying valve, the other can accurately dispensing. The combination of the two greatly improves the dispensing effect of the product, and the effect of spraying will be greatly improved. We can also produce customized visual dispensing machine, dispensing in various industries we can produce corresponding dispensing equipment, such as: breast spray paint, according to the requirements of spray paint, we can produce floor-mounted double Y-axis visual dispensing machine to complete dispensing work.