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Visual automatic jewelry crystal dispensing machine

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Ornaments, crystal stickers, sign dispensing will be used in automatic dispensing machine, not a general desktop machine, but with visual function of crystal dispensing machine, is a machine that can use crystal glue and visual automatic dispensing function, automatic dispensing recognition function, can meet the requirements of small dispensing jewelry, not only will not affect the aesthetic feeling of jewelry, but also increase the durability of jewelry.
Production Speed of Visual Dispenser
视觉水晶胶点胶机 Visual and non-visual automatic dispensing machine are completely two levels. Visible crystal dispensing machine can complete dispensing automatically without manual assistant production. The production speed can basically be controlled in 1 second to complete a product coating, and it does not need to make product fixtures. The visual system of automatic dispensing machine directly recognizes the speed of recognition is 0.5 seconds, which can accomplish dispensing task very quickly. This speed is accompanied by two or three ordinary dispensers. The dispensing effect of crystal dispenser with visual function is so strong.
Daily production of crystal dispenser
The higher the performance is, the higher the scope of application is, of course, the more expensive the cost is. Because of the low cost of the jewelry itself and the need for a large number of products to maintain a stable income, the visual crystal dispensing machine is used to produce 30,000 jewelry every day. The production quantity is large and the manufacturer returns the capital quickly. So the advantages of using the visual crystal dispensing machine are still very large, besides the production speed and vision. Awareness automatic dispensing, as well as detection function, product detection is also a way that crystal dispensing machine can achieve. After dispensing, there will be infrared sensor to check product quality. Good and bad can be distinguished, and a production process can be reduced.
视觉点胶机 Application of Crystal Adhesive
Crystal glue dispenser mainly uses glue similar to that of crystal glue, which is transparent and thick, dispensing on jewelry will not affect other colors, which will not affect the appearance of the product and sales, so we recommend you to use crystal glue dispenser for jewelry dispensing is the main reason, according to the characteristics of glue, select. Select the automatic dispensing machine that meets the demand.
水晶胶视觉点胶机 Function of Visual Crystal Glue Machine
Visual crystal dispenser can realize many dispensing functions, such as computer programming, simple PLC system, sensing recognition, spray dispensing technology, automatic cleaning function, joint line dispensing and so on. Visual crystal dispenser can achieve many functions, which can ensure the dispensing effect of products. If you want to know more about visual crystal dispensing machine, you are welcome. Dial the telephone service hotline: 13928403389.