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The application of conductive adhesive and the type of machi

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Conductive glue dispensing technology is directly related to the type of machine used. Each machine type has some characteristics. There are special points in the accessories. The glue has viscosity and setting time. To use a glue, you need to understand the characteristics of the glue before you can configure appropriate dispensing accessories. Otherwise, how to realize conductive glue dispensing? We produce three kinds of conductive glue dispensers, mainly to meet the use requirements of conductive glue dispenser.
How to use conductive adhesive: the standard three-axis dispensing machine is equipped with dispensing accessories that meet the requirements, such as plunger dispensing valve, double hole dispensing controller, plastic steel dispensing needle and fixture, etc. these accessories are matched with the three-axis dispensing machine, which is also combined into a machine that can spot conductive adhesive, which is also known as conductive adhesive dispensing machine. Then with this machine, conductive adhesive can be used Dispensing. It is very convenient to use.
The requirements of conductive adhesive dispensing are not high. The three-axis dispensing machine of the standard mechanical platform can still meet the production requirements. In fact, it has something to do with the manufacturer's production requirements. The desktop type structure is simple, small in size and specification, and can be directly placed next to the workbench to join the assembly line production, so there is no need to do a separate station. Combined with the current popular production mode, the former dispensing post needs to There are many hands, which is easy to cause a shortage of hands. A conductive glue dispenser can have three or five people, with stable production speed and high product quality, which is the advantage of the machine.
The use method of conductive adhesive is the same as that of other types of glue. Around the manual and automatic methods, the main use method depends on the manufacturer's decision. We are all familiar with the nature of glue. We can completely configure conductive adhesive dispenser, and only need three days. We already have a ready-made three-axis dispenser. It is very fast to make a modification, depending on the manufacturer's semi-automatic or full-automatic.