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Silicone dispenser jointly developed by China and the United

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  Still worry about high viscosity silicone dispensing? Are you still worried about not using the silica gel? Are you still worried about uneven glue delivery? We have developed a silica gel dispenser with American manufacturers. From the core hardware, we use many accessories made by American manufacturers to achieve silica gel dispensing.

  Modification of dispensing valve

  With 331 desktop structure as the machine, with core hardware and software, silicone dispensing is realized, which is different from the previous silicone dispensing machine. Although 330 pieces of silica gel cylinders are used, a dispensing valve is added to form a continuous machine, which makes dispensing more simple. The continuous type can make dispensing fine adjustment, and the amount of glue can be controlled, and cleaning is convenient. It belongs to the modified silica gel dispenser.
  It can be used in notebook and mobile phone dispensing. Both of them are used for sealing. The width of glue application is very small, so it needs to use a very small amount of glue. The width of the needle affects the dispensing accuracy. It is necessary to match the appropriate dispensing needle to meet the dispensing requirements of mobile phone. The dispensing opportunity of Chinese manufacturing matches the most suitable dispensing needle according to the requirements of silicone dispensing, which is the function of silicone dispensing machine 。
  The dispensing fine-tuning device is developed by our Chinese dispensing machine and foreign dispensing equipment. The secondary use does not require the dispensing fine-tuning. Generally, the dispensing needle cylinder and the second dispensing need the dispensing precision adjustment, which is not conducive to the existing production demand, and the production rhythm is affected. With the dispensing fine-tuning device, the dispensing and the second precision dispensing can be adjusted.

 Characteristics of silicone dispenser

  1. Smooth glue delivery
  2. Rubber break is clean
  3. Accurate dispensing
  4. Easy to control
  5. Control glue delivery
  6. Replace labor
  7. High production efficiency
  China's dispensing machine has many years of production experience in the dispensing industry. In the dispensing technology and manufacturing process, it has reached the national level. The silicone dispensing machine has a long service life and good control technology. In the dispensing industry with high requirements, it can still achieve dispensing effect. It has many intelligent devices, flexible dispensing, and similar mobile phone dispensing is still true.
  Desktop silicone dispenser is just our accessory product, the core of which is the automatic production line. Desktop silicone dispenser is just to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for dispensing equipment, while our main product is silicone dispenser, which can be changed from dispensing valve to corresponding machine. The dispensing file can store a large number of programs, about 2G of memory, 999 at the same time This is our dispensing machine.