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Semi automatic 2600ml silica gel dispenser

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  2600ml silica gel dispenser belongs to a semi-automatic dispenser. 2600ml refers to the storage capacity of silica gel. One kind of silica gel is supported by 2600ml. In order to meet the silica gel requirements, our company has produced a semi-automatic dispenser, which is designed to meet the silica gel dispensing requirements. Its structure is very simple. Piston type pressure barrel is used to build a device that can store 2600ml of silica gel, which can be placed directly into Go, and then input the air pressure, the piston will move downward, extrude the glue from the supporting cylinder, hold the silica gel dispensing valve in hand, and dispensing.
  The above is the dispensing mode of 2600ml silica gel dispenser, which can also be connected to the automatic machine to use. The dispensing valve is fixed on the product, and the automatic dispensing can still be realized. The purchase of desktop type automatic three-axis bracket is very expensive, which costs about 10000 yuan. Because the price of core system and accessories is high, the overall price is also very high. If the demand can not be met by hand Consider the production mode of automatic silicone dispenser.
  The dispensing mode of semi-automatic dispensing machine is mainly foot control, holding the direction of dispensing, and the amount of glue can be controlled by air pressure. For some industries where dispensing requirements are not very high, this way can be used to achieve dispensing, that is, more than 10000 yuan can be saved. Although the production speed is not automatic, it is faster than manual production alone.
  2600ml silica gel dispenser is a semi-automatic machine which uses 2600ml of supporting silica gel. The price is 1600. It has a one-year warranty. If you need it, you can find our company and ask you to produce a large number of semi-automatic dispensers. You can also match with appropriate dispensing equipment.