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331 triaxial automatic gluing machine

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Our company production of glue machine, general with specifications and application classification allows manufacturers can choose suitable machine according to the requirement, for example: three axis automatic coating machine, coating machine, 331 triaxial glue, epoxy glue machine, etc., may be called this way, convenient and manufacturer is looking for, finally according to design the machine type and choosing appropriate accessories manufacturers requirements.
全自动涂胶机 Characteristic analysis of 331 triaxial automatic gluing machine
1, 331 refers to the realization of 300mm in length, 300mm in width, 100mm in height of the product for glue
2, the three axis refers to the X axis, Y axis and Z axis, can also achieve the three axis linkage glue.
涂胶机 3. Automatic means that the product can be coated automatically without manual intervention.
4, gluing machine refers to the gluing effect is good, especially in line with the sealing and gluing products.
Parameters of automatic gluing machine
Model: zz-331 type of dispensing automatic dispensing
Working speed: 500mm/s important accuracy: ±0.05mm
三轴点胶机 Power source: stepper motor, servo motor dispensing precision: ±0.02mm
Maximum load: X/Y axis 10kg Z axis 5kg control system: triaxial constant control system
Memory: 256M support document: CAD \U disk
Power supply: 220V 50Hz weight: 56KG
Automatic glue machine function in some appropriate medium product coating requirements, what is the medium product, such as: product specification range is within 10 mm to 300 mm, all meet the requirements of dispensing, product type, this is our company production of automatic glue machine, as long as the specifications meet, glue can be used to achieve requirements, product specifications and requirements are more important.
We belong to the mature production factory, the production has its own tips, able to solve the point-to-point for us adhesive effect, according to the thought of the experience, the structure of our company will have very good effect, can provide the right machine for your company, you can also customize automatic glue machine, double location, double Z axis, etc., height, width can be extended