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Large gantry automatic polyurethane filling machine

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  Polyurethane is a kind of double liquid glue, which belongs to the glue with high mixing ratio and meets the mixing requirement of 5:1. The use of general full-automatic glue filling machine can not meet the requirements of polyurethane glue filling at all. The large-scale gantry full-automatic polyurethane glue filling machine produced by our company needs to be used to meet the requirements of glue filling process. Only when the fundamental problems are solved can the double liquid glue filling be realized. How to use it Polyurethane filling.
  The difficulty of double liquid glue filling lies in the glue proportion and high viscosity. The polyurethane mixing requirement is 5:1, which belongs to high proportion. Glue metering pump is needed for glue mixing. It is installed at the glue outlet of automatic heating pressure barrel. The glue quantity is extracted by glue metering pump, then mixed, and then transported to double liquid dispensing valve for mixing. Using automatic heating pressure barrel, it can Improve the fluidity of glue and make it more convenient for polyurethane to pour glue.
  Every dispensing part of the automatic glue filling machine is related to the glue filling demand. For example, the automatic heating pressure barrel and glue metering pump are not needed by the industry and will not be added basically. The communication product uses two-component silica gel for glue filling. The dynamic two-liquid dispensing valve can be used instead of glue metering pump. Only one piece of glue filling equipment can be used. Other parts can be reduced, while the price can also be reduced There will be some decline and the production effect will be the same. Many of our full-automatic glue filling machines are custom-made, mainly because we do not place the unnecessary parts, and the price will still be reduced. We use the lowest cost to make the best products, which is consistent with our pursuit.
加热压力桶   Communication product glue filling is our main product. The whole series of products can meet the production demand. As long as glue filling is used, our company has appropriate machines, which can fundamentally solve the problem of glue filling. Because our company is developing a set of full-automatic glue filling machine, any type of glue filling equipment can meet the requirements of glue filling. The double liquid dispensing valve, glue metering pump, automatic heating and pressing equipped with glue can meet the requirements of glue filling Our company has all kinds of accessories, which are more complete than the requirements for the production of polyurethane glue.
  The large-scale polyurethane glue filling machine is a mature product, and has very manufacturing experience. If there is a demand, you can send the product directly to the manufacturer, let our company record the product glue filling video, and see the production effect. We will also make a plan for your company to see if it meets the production requirements of your company.