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Desktop visual dispensing machine

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  Introduction: desktop vision dispenser is a small high-end dispensing equipment, which is made of a large machine, and is made of a high-precision dispensing equipment. It can carry out visual positioning and precise dispensing. It adopts a computer system control device, placing the dispensing system core in the computer system, and more convenient control, higher accuracy, and achieving high precision visual glue effect. Dispensing is widely used.
  Table top visual dispensing machine parameters
  Machine type: visual dispensing machine series
  Machine model: zz-gz836
  Dispensing stroke: 300 * 300 * 100mm (specification can be customized)
  Dispensing speed: Max 5000mm / S
  Repeated dispensing accuracy: ± 0.02mm
  Control system: independent research and development of visual dispensing system
  Transmission mode: synchronous belt (domestic) + step motor (Kangrun)
  Dispensing mode: visual recognition, automatic positioning (automatic mode)
  Glue storage device: dispensing syringe, dispensing valve, screw dispensing valve (optional)
  Dispensing machine size: 690 * 580 * 600mm (customizable)
  Power supply and power: AC220 350W
  Machine weight: 65kg
  Solvable problems
  If your company has a difficult dispensing task, the dispensing speed is slow, the accuracy is not accurate, the glue control is not stable, there is a problem of drawing or overflowing glue, and the dispensing problem will occur. The desktop visual dispensing machine produced by our company can solve it for you. The speed, quality and dispensing effect can be solved by the whole department. If you are interested, you can understand the rule of visual dispensing machine in the dispensing industry together Force it.
  Industry achievements
  Applicable glue: silica gel, hot-melt glue, black glue, solder paste, anti solder paste, conductive glue, UV glue, silica gel, double liquid glue, instant dry glue, sealant, lubricating oil, anaerobic glue, sealant, red glue dispensing, etc., which can meet the requirements of gluing, dispensing, gluing, sealing, encapsulation, dripping and bonding processes. The dispensing valve can be changed according to the type of glue to make it more suitable for dispensing.
  Dispensing device: silica gel dispensing valve, screw dispensing valve, anaerobic dispensing valve, hot melt dispensing valve, jet dispensing valve and plastic dispensing syringe, etc., which can be used with desktop visual dispensing machine to make it more consistent with the characteristics of glue. For example, red glue dispensing can realize dispensing syringe or jet dispensing valve. Most of red glue is supported with glue and placed directly for dispensing The stage can be used for dispensing without complicated rubber change process.

  The price of the visual red glue dispenser is relatively transparent, about 40000 yuan. The specific price can be added with 13662812001 wechat. Our business will tell you how much the price of the desktop visual glue dispenser you need according to your production difficulty and spare parts requirements. For example, if you need screw glue valve, the price will be much higher. If you need glue syringe, the price will be lower, There is a lot of difference between the cost of the two kinds of accessories. You can't decide which kind of red glue dispenser you need. The price will fluctuate.