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Five characteristics of red glue

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  As a medium-sized glue, red glue also has a certain popularity in the dispensing industry. The characteristics of glue determine the application and effect of the industry. Of course, there are also prices. The type of red glue is different. It depends on the company that produces it. The red glue produced by each company has some differences. The simplest is that the appearance packaging is very different, with different sizes.

  Characteristics of red glue

  1. High temperature resistance, able to withstand 320 ° high temperature without dropping parts.
  2. After the glue solidifies, it can bear 3kg force.
  3. Suitable for high-speed dispensing, with desktop visual dispensing machine.
  4. There is no deviation and floating height after solidification.
  5. The dispensing conditions are low, and the glue can be applied at normal temperature.
  In order to achieve automatic red glue dispensing, we can use our desktop visual dispensing machine with screw dispensing valve to carry out SMT patch dispensing. The effect is very good. It can realize automatic positioning and dispensing. After scanning each glue point, it can realize automatic dispensing without setting well in advance. Although there is a certain deviation in placement, through the visual device, it can accurately find the dispensing position, so as to complete dispensing For steel net scraping, chip frame and PCB board, the red glue dispensing effect is great.
  As for the characteristics of red glue, you should also know whether the product is suitable for red glue dispensing, which glue to use, or the manufacturer can decide. If you don't know about the glue, you can give a product description to our company, and then our company will find the glue, because our company also has some cooperative glue manufacturers, so see if you can recommend these suitable glue to your company The manufacturer who does not understand the glue should avoid being trapped.
  The price of the red glue dispenser produced by our company is cheap and expensive. There are 15000 machines, but also four in case machines. It depends on what kind of configuration your company needs. The general configuration is simple and the price is cheap. Although the operation is simple, there is no advantage of high price, but it can meet the demand of 0.1mm precision. It still has the function of suction back and quick dispensing. The speed can reach 300 mm /s. Ordinary machines are still four to five times faster than manual ones. The more complex the glue is, the faster the machine is produced.
  The function of desktop visual dispensing machine is also very obvious. It lies in visual positioning and recognition of dispensing. It can replace manual debugging and secondary startup debugging. Without repeated alignment, it can directly complete dispensing task. This is a very simple method. There are many red glue dispensing points. In addition to steel mesh scraping and PCB board dispensing, the requirements for dispensing are still very high Of.