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The use of large multi axis automatic glue dispenser in the

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One of the commonly used equipment for multi axis automatic dispensing machine and electronic industry, multi axis means there are two or more needles, are generally used for point to point or line to the line of work, such as circle and arc, these are not capable of dispensing, can improve some dispensing mode to give up some other dispensing mode, multi axis automatic dispensing machine also has large desktop.
Select the dispensing machine needs the appropriate production equipment, large multi axis automatic dispensing machine meet thedispensing in the electronics industry, to speed up the use of other dispensing speed, dispensing equipment, dispensing efficiency can not keep up the pace of large multi axis automatic dispensing machine, technical advantage plus large automatic dispensing machine, dispensing machine generally is not the same technology.
In the electronics industry, some products are rows of need to use single head dispensing, dispensing process, without the use of multi axis dispensing speed quickly, the use of such technology can put the needs of the one-time production, can save production time, large multi axis automatic dispensing machine or domestic R & D dispensing appeared the equipment is to meet the needs of the domestic electronics industry.
In addition to the large multi axis automatic dispensing machine used in the electronics industry, the base box industry can also use these dispensing technologies. Basically, point to point or line to line industries are basically able to use large multi spindle dispensers.
Large dispensing machine performance and technology than the desktop dispensing machine is better, because the desktop dispensing machine are basically simple version of a large dispensing machine, so the function of dispensing or large automatic dispensing machine is better, but the large automatic dispensing machine than the price of some expensive desktop dispensing machines, sales lower than the desktop dispensing machine, and the technical aspect is undeniable.