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LED automatic dispensing machine

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LED automatic dispensing machine is for dispensing machine products R & D and production, has a very high dispensing technology in LED lighting industry, dispensing basic problems can be solved, this is related to the performance of LED automatic dispensing machine, dispensing with other LED tube industry. There are some differences, need to use the dispensing technology there are many kinds of.
Glue dispensing technology is decided in the build process using the dispensing technology and accessories to the use of the scope and function, so you need to use the best production process in the manufacturing process, LED automatic dispensing machine is making use of the most advanced machine technology dispensing, combined with other types of accessories.
The top of the dispensing machine parts generally have sophisticated stepper motor, servo motor, motion controller, precision dispensing valve, dispensing controller, these are the main configuration of LED automatic dispensing machine, can the whole operation process control dispensing machine, is the use of automated operation, even through complete set dispensing action.
Have the best dispensing configuration, but also need to have system control can use LED automatic glue dispensing, dispensing system is installed in the best control system can output and execution steps of perfect control, control system of LED automatic dispensing machine using a liquid crystal screen operating system or handheld operating system, two the system is generally used for dispensing LED.
There are differences between the two systems, LCD operating system is generally used for large LED automatic dispensing machine. The portable operating system is generally used for desktop LED automatic dispensing machine, which can deal with different LED tube dispensing environment, but also to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises to create automatic dispensing, dispensing machine for the purpose of the best LED.