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Large and high speed jet type visual glue dispenser

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High speed jet dispensing machine vision as a very good performance of the dispensing equipment, the configuration of the vision system can improve the production efficiency, especially in high precision and mass production industry, large-scale high-speed jet dispensing machine is mainly used in these industries, the configuration of these devices can make the dispensing technology promote to the effect of dispensing more good production, is to be able to make customer satisfaction.
Large jet jet dispensing valve dispensing machine using the latest research and development, can carry out non-contact dispensing, can stable dispensing, so it can reduce the use of the Z axis, stable speed, capable of dispensing the effect is very good, choose any dispensing equipment are the same, can make the dispensing technology improvements are is a good equipment.
In fact, the jet configuration of the vision system can this is the top, visual is the eyes of dispensing valve is detected by hand, can immediately dispensing, neither glue too much or glue is uneven, jet dispensing machine can make the visual effect of dispensing play to the best. The vision system can also make positioning, only in the detection range can be carried out without dispensing, the product is laid.
High speed jet dispensing machine speed can reach 800 / min, high-speed dispensing, dispensing mode, the production speed is very fast, dispensing machines generally have no such speed, in addition to the visual system, and the low pressure sensor, low liquid sensor and a heating system and so on, but also by industry pretty much, using a range of large high speed jet dispensing machine vision widely, any industry can use.