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Large double liquid automatic dispensing machine

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Large double liquid automatic dispensing machine is a popular device, because it can dispense tasks in the LED industry and the mobile phone industry, these are now the Chaoyang industry, dispensing or need more, so this can be regarded as a hot dispenser dispensing equipment, in fact it is to have a great relationship and have the strength of the equipment on the market is still relatively popular.
Large double liquid dispensing machine
Why the large double liquid automatic dispensing technology will be compared with other types of dispensing press which is used, and its manufacturing technology have a great relationship, the top of the science and technology to create the equipment, both in appearance, still in production are able to complete the outstanding tasks.
Double liquid automatic dispensing machine of large volume, but it can use accessories more, now is as large control mode using a vision system and a computer system for dispensing large well using a hand-held controller, but also the industry guide, collocation motion control device, three sets of step motor, CCD positioning system so, these are now the most cutting-edge technology is in collocation double liquid dispensing machine, can create the dispenser so perfect.
Large floor type dispenser
These are an integral double liquid automatic dispensing machine, there are many other top parts can be composed of dispensing such equipment, make use of the equipment, the dispensing will have a great advantage, the cost is relatively large, but in production will not be a problem.
Large double liquid automatic dispensing machine repeated dispensing may reach 0.02mm, and the speed can reach 500mm/sec, and have no rework, because of the use of CCD positioning system, positioning to the dispensing position, so ask questions in a glue dispensing process will not.
Large visual floor dispenser