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The use of large automatic glue dispenser for TP dot glue on

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TP refers to the mobile phone touch screen frame, now mobile phone substrate production are using the touch screen, coupled with the mobile phone dispensing process is now needs very precise dispensing technology, dispensing equipment is generally unable to complete mobile phone TP dispensing requirements, the use of large automatic dispensing machine is able to meet the demand of performance with the glue dispensing. The machine is of a great relationship.
With the use of precision dispensing dispensing machine parts and technology have a great relationship, a large automatic dispensing machine configuration is very high, there are electric cylinder servo motor imported from Japan, driving device, visual positioning system, high-definition LCD screen, single chip microcomputer operating system and so on, these are the core components of large-scale automatic dispensing machine, can provide high quality technology for mobile phone TP dispensing.
Why mobile phone touch screen using large automatic dispenser for dispensing is a certain reason, choose a suitable dispensing equipment for the dispensing process and the speed can be guaranteed, but also reduce the production of inferior products, which is good for the development of enterprises, the main performance or large automatic dispensing machine is very satisfied mobile phone TP dispensing needs.
Large automatic dispensing machine also collocation dispensing valve and injection valve can be switched; Z axis is the use of high precision wire rod module, PC and motion control card control, to prevent the three axis at work, mobile is not in place, but also to improve the accuracy of dispensing. The use of general dispensing machine is unable to satisfy the main reason for mobile phone TP dispensing, because general dispensing machine is not possible collocation high-end mobile phone accessories, so TP dispensing or choose large automatic dispensing machine is better, and a dispensing equipment can meet the mobile phone is dispensing, is known as a desktop visual automatic dispensing machine, have the same high precision dispensing technology.