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Three axis vision automatic dispensing machine

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In the field of industrial production, to achieve automatic dispensing machine vision positioning is undoubtedly the dispensing equipment of the needs of users, through the visual positioning of the gluing effect is more uniform and complete, in fact besides dispensing machine vision positioning can perform various range of dispensing, this case requires three axis vision automatic dispensing machine.
Three axis automatic dispensing function to perform visual object multi-directional dispensing work, dispensing work manipulator by the unique design of the high operating flexibility, whether it is the implementation of slit underfill dispensing or irregular dispensing path should ease, the operator can work through visual inspection and then use the touch screen display, parameter modification, working procedure the transfer speed and use more flexible and fast, three axis vision automatic dispensing machine more automatic and more universal.
With the three-axis flexible dispensing function, so it can perform a variety of point, line and plane path dispensing work, make the dispensing work more simple and practical, the step provides a powerful motor driven mode, to ensure the strength of the dispensing process and automatic dispensing dispensing to uniform, the accuracy is very high, can point out the minimum the quantity of cement 0.005mm, suitable for all kinds of needs of the dispensing industry, support the use of glue is very much, can use general epoxy glue, quick drying glue, also can use special glue glue, such as glue, red glue, anaerobic adhesives etc..
At present, the development of rubber industry Chinese market rapidly, more and more support for visual automatic dispensing equipment for work have appeared, three axis vision automatic dispensing machine work stable and outstanding performance, even the valve can achieve a variety of high quality spray work by adding injection is a practical dispensing equipment.