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Multi axis automatic glue dispenser for voltage apparatus

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It can be called the voltage transformer, the voltage in the assembly will be used in the process to the dispensing machine, but dispensing machine types are more suitable for dispensing machines used in the transformer industry there are many, in order to improve the efficiency of the dispensing lock screw, voltage will be used to point to multi axis self adhesive machine. Multiple positions in the multi axis automatic dispensing machine of the voltage controller can also provide glue dispensing for the voltage regulator, which can improve the production efficiency of the voltage regulator and reduce labor productivity.
General voltage multi axis automatic dispensing machine is operated by single-chip microcomputer system. Before dispensing, operators can input the required programming input into the multi axis dispenser, and input the right glue dispensing program. The dispensing machine can automatically do dispensing according to the requirements. Besides, the multi axis automatic dispensing machine can also draw dots, arcs, surfaces, irregular curves, etc., which is suitable for many industries. It can improve production efficiency and quality in the use of voltage devices.
And the voltage of multi axis automatic dispensing machine is equipped with LCD screen, in dispensing work, the staff can touch screen debugging dispensing parameters, but in the debugging of voltage multi axis automatic dispensing machine parameters is best adjusted according to the gel point voltage, at the same time in the selection valve and glue dispensing needle at according to the mechanical properties of glue used in the transformer can be selected, avoid glue is not suitable for dispensing needle impact properties etc..
The voltage for multi axis automatic dispensing machine has good vacuum suction effect, in the case of dispensing, the operator can press the vacuum suction machine dispensing button, can avoid the multi axis automatic dispensing machine, glue glue leakage phenomenon dispensing work.