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Visual injection machine

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The visual range of spray application of automatic dispensing machine is widely used, with the dispensing technology have a great relationship, determines the quality of dispensing dispensing technology, but also determines the quality of the product, for example: the infrared light source and accessories glue dispensing, two different industries are capable of dispensing, this is the vision of the powerful jet automatic dispensing machine high quality, dispensing equipment is able to meet a lot of dispensing industry demand.
What is it because the visual spray machine can be glued in a variety of different fields? Because of the use of high-end accessories is a part of them, so the use of dispensing machine parts is very important, choose any dispensing equipment are the same, need to have advanced accessories with the dispensing machine, it can play a better dispensing technology, then spray automatic dispensing machine has what visual accessories can make it in dispensing infrared and accessories.
Visual positioning of dispensing system is one of the indispensable accessories, can make injection automatic dispensing machine with high speed dispensing effect, but not at the wrong position, can carry out visual scanning and positioning adhesive point of injection valve is one of the important parts, visual injection automatic dispensing machine capable of high speed dispensing, injection valve is the role of central control it is important to the system, every process control in the ideal position, coordination of each parts of the operation, three for the visual injection automatic dispensing machine has good function of dispensing service configuration combination. 喷射式www.668866.com