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Industrial dispensing of LED lamp tube can use double-headed

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There are many kinds of LED lamp tape dispensing machines, including single-head and double-head. Today, we mainly introduce double-head LED lamp tape dispensing machine. It can dispense two products at the same time. It can take turns to dispensing products, reduce the time of replacing products, speed up dispensing, and ensure the quality of glue solidification.
LED双头点胶机 Parameters of dispenser for double-ended LED lamp tape
Model: ZZ-472
Specifications: 221, 331, 441, 551, 661, non-standard
Running stroke: According to specifications, such as: 331 LED light tape dispensing machine, X axis 300mm, Y axis 300mm, Z axis 100mm, in addition to non-standard LED light tape dispensing machine, Z axis travel is basically 100mm.
Running speed: X-axis speed is 500 mm/sec, Y-axis 100mm/sec, Z-axis 300mm/sec.
Dispensing accuracy: 0.01mm
Repeated dispensing accuracy: +0.02mm
Driving mode: solenoid valve, synchronous belt, silver guide rail, closed-loop motor.
LED点胶机 Dispensing method: circular dispensing, dotted dispensing, straight line dispensing, gluing, filling and sealing
Glue for LED Lamp Tape Dispenser
1. UV glue, 2. Epoxy resin glue, 3. Sealant.
4. Lubricating grease, 5. Solder paste, 6. Crystal glue,
7. Silica, 9. Conductive Adhesive
The setting characteristics of LED light tape dispenser:
1. With double-end dispensing syringe, it can dispense two products at the same time.
2. Because the dispensing accuracy of LED lamp tape is not high, two dispensing syringes can dispensing at the same time to reduce the speed between dispensing.
3. The machine is made of stainless steel, each part position can be polished smoothly, reducing the impact of friction on operation.
4. The module of the dispensing machine with LED lamp can be disassembled to facilitate machine cleaning and lubrication.
灯带点胶机 The working principle of the LED light belt dispensing machine is very simple. First, the product dispensing width is measured, then these basic parameters are recorded. Then, the X/Y/Z axis is adjusted by the fine-tuning system of the LED light belt dispensing machine, and the dispensing needle is aligned to the position of the light belt dispensing. Then, each stop dispensing is set in the teaching device. Then let the instructor control the dispensing machine with LED lamp.