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Can silica gel dispensing prevent leakage of products?

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Silica gel dispensing is able to prevent leakage of products oh! Because silica gel has the effect of insulation, so the product will not have leakage problem after silica gel dispensing, but silica gel dispensing needs corresponding dispensing equipment, if the coating effect is not good, it will easily lead to product defects, which will lead to leakage of products oh!
Several machines recommended for dispensing and leakage protection
Silica gel dispensing allows Xiaobian to recommend several high-speed dispensing machines and automatic dispensing machines that meet your production needs. These types of dispensing equipment can meet the requirements of silica gel dispensing. They can not only dispensing a variety of irregular products, but also dispensing, dispensing, coating, packaging and so on. These can be done! The automatic dispensing machine manufactured by our company has matured and the requirements of anti-leakage dispensing are met.
It can be dispensing with imported dispensing valve
点胶机与进口点胶阀 High-speed dispensing machines with imported dispensing valves are some high-end dispensing valves, similar to screw dispensing valves and precision dispensing valves, which are imported from abroad. They are technically more accurate and faster than domestic dispensing valves. They meet the requirements of application in some industries. It is also possible to dispensing silica gel. There are some differences between high-speed dispensing machine and full-automatic dispensing machine. We can select suitable dispensing products according to dispensing valve and demand.
三轴点胶机 Electric leakage prevention of dispensing belongs to the relatively strict demand of dispensing industry. If the dispensing valve can not be selected according to its needs, it will easily cause the incompatibility of dispensing. The main reason why the imported dispensing valve can be used is not that domestic dispensing can not meet the demand of dispensing, the imported dispensing valve will be used, and so will the dispensing equipment, according to the demand of dispensing. Select the suitable automatic dispensing machine or high-speed dispensing machine.