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The way and choice of epoxy resin storage in jet dispensing

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There are many ways to store epoxy glue, but in the dispensing industry, there are two ways to store epoxy glue. One is dispensing syringe, the other is using piston pressure barrel. Different storage methods have a great impact on dispensing effect, because dispensing will use the amount of glue, different storage methods will lead to the level of glue usability.
Storage mode of epoxy adhesive
环氧胶储存 Which method is good for epoxy storage at present? Because we carry on the demand analysis of dispensing industry, we find out which dispensing method is used in dispensing industry. According to dispensing, the other dispensing methods are separated. The first, manual dispensing and the second, automatic dispensing. The two dispensing methods are the most common ones. The first is to use dispensing syringe for temporary storage of glue, and the second is to use live dispensing syringe. Plug pressure barrel for storage, the first way of storage can not meet the needs of dispensing throughout the day, need to replace glue to meet the daily use requirements, the second way is to meet the visual screw valve dispensing valve and spray dispensing machine production requirements more.
胶水储存 The effect of choosing the right way
Choosing the right storage mode of epoxy glue can promote the production of dispensing industry, and more lies in the stability of dispensing control. The use of piston pressure barrel to store epoxy glue can continue to supply glue. The requirements of spray dispensing machine and visual screw valve dispensing machine for glue quantity are special, and the amount needed at each time is quite large, so dispensing syringe can not be used for storage. And the use of precision jet valve can not, this jet valve is unable to carry out epoxy storage, so only in accordance with the piston barrel storage, this is the choice of storage mode.
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