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How many kinds of new gluing methods are there? Does it incl

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With the development of technology, there are many types of gluing methods. Including dispensing, packaging, gluing, gluing, dropping and so on, these belong to the scope of gluing, although various types of gluing equipment will be used, including gluing machine, precision dispensing machine, gluing machine, dripping machine, spray dispensing machine and visual dispensing machine. These equipment can realize the way of gluing, which can be used in various fields of machinery, and make great processes for production.
精密点胶机 Horn industry dispensing
Buzzer belongs to a type of horn industry. It is no longer the advantage of manual dispensing for buzzer dispensing. Using precise dispensing machine, 50 buzzer dispensing can be completed in one minute without glue overflow or uneven glue coating. The effect of glue coating on each product is the same, and the similarity can reach about 98%. Is it right? Every buzzer dispensing effect is the same. Does this way of coating have no effect on your production?
蜂鸣器点胶 Electronics component dispensing
Relay belongs to one of the electronic components. When dispensing relay, precise dispensing machine can be selected to make fixtures that can fix relay. Combined with corresponding dispensing accessories, it can dispensing directly. It can not only fix the internal parts of relay, but also isolate the circuit. The number of short circuit ignition of relay after dispensing is basically zero, which is the dispensing effect. In addition to relay dispensing, there are many electronic components need dispensing, you can use precision dispensing machine dispensing oh!
继电器点胶 The glue overflow problem can be solved by dispensing glue machine. It is necessary to design dispensing path and parameters before glue overflow can be prevented. What should be done if glue overflow occurs? In fact, the glue overflow treatment is very simple, using alcohol wipe, the other one is to adjust the precision dispenser to prevent secondary glue overflow, that is, to reduce the glue overflow treatment process, but also to ensure the output of the production effect oh, kill two birds with one stone.