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How to solve the problem of filling valve quickly and effect

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The following is an effective way to solve the problems often occurring in the use of filling valves.
1. Leakage of rubber valve
灌胶机 This often happens after the valve closes. 95% of the problem is caused by the use of needle caliber children. Too small needle will affect the flow of liquid, leading to the problem of internal back pressure, resulting in the natural dropping of glue soon after the valve closes. Too small needle will directly affect the role of the exhaust bubble of the glue filling valve. Replacing larger needles will solve this problem. The second solution is to use tapered oblique needle to reduce the back pressure of the rubber valve and improve the fluidity of the fluid.
After closing the filling valve, the air in the liquid will drip. It is better to remove the air in the liquid beforehand, or replace it with glue which is not easy to produce bubbles, or centrifuge it before use.
2. The amount of glue is different.
When the glue is inconsistent, it is mainly caused by the pressure instability of the pressure cylinder or the storage liquid. The intake pressure regulator shall be set to be 10 to 15 psi lower than the factory minimum pressure. The pressure used in the pressure cylinder should be between the pressure above the middle of the pressure gauge, and the pressure between the low pressure parts of the pressure gauge should be avoided. The control pressure of rubber valve should be less than 60 psi to ensure the stability of glue.
Finally, the glue time should be checked. If it is less than 15/1000 seconds, the glue will be unstable. The longer the glue speed is controlled, the more stable the glue will be.