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How much degree of hot-melt glue heating is suitable for glu

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  The heating temperature of hot-melt adhesive is limited. According to the previous temperature requirements, the temperature is generally above 120 ° and the properties of hot-melt adhesive produced by each glue manufacturer are different. Although the main body is resin, some manufacturers will add some other elements into it, and the temperature and melting point are different. Only when the hot-melt adhesive is heated to have liquidity, can the magnetic therapy pillow spray adhesive.
  Unless the temperature heating is special, the hot-melt glue sprayer produced by our company can meet the requirements of hot-melt glue spraying. Some hot-melt glue heating temperature may need more than 200 ° and the normal temperature is between 130 ° and 180 ° while the constant temperature controller produced by our company can be set in this range. If the temperature of hot-melt glue exceeds this range, we need to use our special additive Thermal device, because of high temperature, will be easy to be unsafe, no practical need, and will not produce equipment that can heat the hot melt adhesive to 200 °.

  Characteristics of hot melt glue

  Hot melt adhesive is characterized by certain fluidity after heating and solidification after cooling. The conventional environment will not affect the quality change of hot melt adhesive. In the magnetic therapy pillow, paper box and computer, it can be coated with glue. The glue also has a certain protective effect. After solidification, it will not only have viscosity, but also softness, which can protect the internal parts, which is also the reason for spraying glue in the magnetic therapy pillow.
  The horn glue will solidify. Although it can be glued to the product, it is hard to fix, but it has no protective effect. The glue is selected according to the needs of the manufacturer, not the glue. What kind of products do you produce, and then choose the machine according to the product requirements, which is very suitable.
  The heating temperature of hot-melt glue is determined by the glue produced by the glue manufacturer. After determining the glue, consult the manufacturer of the full-automatic glue applicator. Which hot-melt glue applicator meets the requirements of hot-melt glue heating and product gluing. Can it meet the problems listed by the following manufacturers themselves?