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Which automatic dispensing machine is suitable for dispensin

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  There are many kinds of full-automatic dispensers, which one is suitable for the speaker glue, it needs to be determined according to the product demand and glue viscosity. As far as I know, the speaker glue is similar to yellow glue, the glue viscosity is between 5000-8000, the fluidity is general and easy to clean. There are many kinds of full-automatic dispensers, the most simple one can use the full-automatic three-axis dispenser, with low price, high efficiency and high efficiency More cost effective than other specific machines.
  The horn glue also has an important requirement. It needs to be used in the air pressure pump for conveying glue and dispensing. The glue needs to have pressure, which is extracted from the glue bucket, and then transported to the dispensing valve. The air pressure also controls the dispensing valve, which can adjust the glue output according to the air pressure, so as to solve the problem of glue quantity. It is very important in the air compressor of the automatic dispensing machine High.
  The scientific name of air pump is also called air compressor. It can compress the surrounding air and deliver it, which can produce strong pressure. In fact, the requirements of automatic dispenser for air pump are not very high, only a few kilograms of press is needed, so the machine with price of 100-200 blocks can meet the requirements of air pressure. The importance of air compressor is equivalent to one of the core of automatic dispenser, and it wants to carry out point pulling The horn rubber must be configured.
In addition to the automatic dispensing opportunity to use the air pressure, the hot-melt glue spraying machine is still the same. Why can we spray glue on the magnetic therapy pillow? It is also because the glue spraying valve is combined with the air compressor. Using the air pressure to spray glue, and through the unique design of the glue spraying valve, the glue will spray out in the form of fog. This is the principle of hot-melt glue spraying on the magnetic therapy pillow, which can prove the importance of the air compressor Sex, although very low for air pump requirements, but must have.
To achieve horn dispensing, we directly use the full-automatic dispensing machine produced by our company to ensure that it can meet the manufacturer's production needs. This machine has mature technology. Many machines are refitted from this machine, including hot melt glue sprayer. Why the full-automatic dispensing machine can't spray glue on the magnetic therapy pillow has a lot to do with accessories.