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What is the uniformity effect of automatic glue applicator?

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  There is a direct relationship between the uniformity of automatic glue applicator and accessories, as well as a difference between the used control system and a certain operating relationship. Today, let's talk about the uniformity effect of the glue applicator produced by our company and whether it can meet the requirements of the current market. Let's get to know.
  How to ensure the uniformity of glue application
  1. Avoid bubbles in the glue, which will affect the amount of glue, resulting in inconsistent amount of some glue.
  2. The continuity of the automatic glue applicator, the linkage of the three-axis mechanical shaft, and the cooperation between the two.
  3. The value between the needle and the viscosity is high. Use a large needle and vice versa.
  4. The dispensing valve is matched with the needle to avoid vacuum and rubber leakage.
   We think that the problems will affect the uniformity of glue application. If we use an automatic glue applicator, we can't have problems, so as to avoid directly affecting the headphone dispensing. The syringe dispenser produced by our company will not have problems. Because of its simple structure, it uses the syringe as the storage device, so it is easy to control the glue, and the operation is also simple, which is very popular with manufacturers.
  The piston pressure barrel can store a large amount of glue, which can be combined with the automatic glue applicator to solve the glue demand of daily production. This is the machine evolved from the syringe dispensing machine. The piston pressure barrel is used instead of the dispensing syringe, but the core dispensing technology has not changed. The uniformity of glue application is the same as the circular arc dispensing technology, but the dispensing effect has been improved, which is beneficial Although many industries use the syringe dispenser, some factors may cause the shortage of glue water, resulting in the delay of production, which is not conducive to the development of production. It is also a good refit to match the piston pressure barrel, to improve the shortcomings of the machine.
  There is no doubt about the uniformity of the application of the syringe dispenser. Our company has been producing in the dispensing equipment industry for more than ten years. This technology has been mature and can be used at ease! I am a manufacturer of machines for dispensing earphones, and I also use such technologies. Circular, irregular curve, line segment, point and arc dispensing technologies are all the technologies that need to be mastered.