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How to use the glue filling machine to control the water flo

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  The fluidity of glue is related to the viscosity of glue, but how to control it is the problem of machine. It is a kind of high viscosity and how to control the fluidity of glue with conventional glue? Need to start from the machine and dispensing valve, our company has a lot of dispensing accessories, choose the right accessories, so as to control the glue.
  The whole process of glue transportation from funnel pressure barrel to dispensing valve and then to product is the process of glue fluidity control. To solve the problem in the process, glue can be poured. Our company has manufactured a glue pouring machine. In order to solve the problem of manual dispensing, our current glue pouring equipment has been involved in a variety of industry requirements, including military products. The product quality is worthy of consideration Fixed.
  In order to control the fluidity of glue, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of glue. For example, when epoxy resin glue is used to fill the car lamp, there will be bubbles after the epoxy glue is mixed. If the bubbles are not eliminated, there will be defective products or hidden dangers of the product, which can not meet the requirements of the manufacturer. The characteristics of glue must be understood clearly, and then corresponding control methods will be developed. For glue The flow dynamic control effect will also be particularly good. Rubber silica gel is a kind of poor liquidity, belonging to high viscosity glue. For glue filling, it is sure to use a large flow dispensing valve to ensure that the glue can be discharged, and the small flow dispensing valve will be blocked.
  Our company has mastered the glue filling technology of automobile lamps. There are special machines and accessories that can meet the needs of glue filling of automobile lamps and ensure that they have the functions of waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. After glue filling, the lamps can ensure that there is no water leakage. Rubber silica gel will be used as glue, and the sealing effect will be very good. However, rubber silica gel can not be used to use funnel pressure barrel, and the viscosity of glue is high, so it can not be used directly from the Pour the funnel into the dispensing pressure bucket.
  The function of funnel pressure bucket is to add glue in the middle of the process. Some industries need a large flow and do not want to use super large pressure buckets. Funnel pressure bucket can be used to produce half of the products. It does not need to stop the two-component floor glue filling machine, but also can add glue, open the funnel device, pour glue water directly, and the glue filling is completed.