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Maintenance of multi axis automatic glue dispenser

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Multi axis dispensing machine from automatic dispensing machine for dispensing equipment developed by the new foundation, so it is called multi axis multi axis automatic dispensing machine, glue machine can use three or more axis means called multi axis dispensing machine now can basically use three axis as the standard, three axis dispensing machine maintenance mode with multi axis there are some differences on the automatic dispensing machine, multi axis special attention is the shaft maintenance maintenance.
The dispensing machine maintenance can be divided into three parts, from the outside to the inside of a thorough maintenance work, so as to ensure the operation of multi axis dispensing machine life and work efficiency, a multi axis dispensing machine is to be able to produce more products to help enterprises, so the maintenance is a very important task.
The first step, the substrate maintenance.
In the dispensing process there will be spilled glue, glue the excess accumulation will cause corrosion of the dispensing machine, because the glue is a compound made inside the components have a corrosive effect, so long will corrosion on the substrate of multi axis automatic dispensing machine maintenance, so only need glue can be cleaned.
The second step, the maintenance of the mechanical shaft.
Multi axis automatic dispensing machine is in high speed and precision, the mechanical arm is one of the most important parts, maintenance is part can not be ignored, the number of axles of multi axis automatic dispensing machine has some difference with other types of dispensing machine, maintenance of the need for mechanical shaft protection, mechanical arm is the replacement of parts and maintenance lubrication, maintenance is to protect the parts can not be worn, the operation process will be a problem.
The third step, the daily cleaning of the glue dispenser.
This is the most important step. After many kinds of automatic dispensing machines are finished, we will clean up the glue and sundries left today, so that the dispenser can be polluted.