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How to get the glue on the spray automatic dispenser

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The spray automatic dispensing machine is mainly used to make the liquid, paint and other liquid accurate points, injection, coating to the surface and the interior of the product. Compared with the previous contact dispensing machine, the spray dispensing technology has more high-quality functions, so it improves qualitatively in dispensing speed and dispensing quality, and the application of jet dispenser is more and more popular. So in the daily production of this type of spray automatic dispensing machine attention to the operation of those?
Usually we put this kind of automatic dispensing machine called jet dispensing machine, glue machine, non-contact non-contact glue machine, glue machine without contact. It is characterized by high precision, quick dispensing and filling. The ejection type quantitative feeding is applied to do the dispensing operation without the lifting of the Z shaft, breaking the traditional contact dispensing way, and improving the defects of wire drawing, uneven dispensing, and easy damage to products. Equipped with ultra strong functional modules, making the glue more sensitive, is the preferred equipment for high precision glue and bottom filling.
Although the injection type automatic dispensing machine has many advantages in dispensing operation, but also not to say that it is perfect. Because the dispensing equipment has just come out soon, the performance also has some defects, such as bubbles in the dispensing process, the dispensing process every time the need to replace the glue, because glue barrel air into the barrel, if not drained before dispensing it, and will cause the barrel of the glue chemical reaction that leads to bubbles and other problems.
Although the ejector dispensing machine will also cause various problems due to the actual situation, as long as we pay a little attention in the process of operation, this dispensing equipment still has few problems.