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How to ensure the working quality of the three axis automati

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The dispensing process gradually valued by people, the more high quality of the dispensing process can meet the application in more industries, coating three axis automatic dispensing function applied to the irregular path, the operator adjusts to programming automatic dispensing work has higher accuracy and efficiency, help customers improve production the benefits, to ensure the quality of three axis automatic dispensing machine work to focus on more details.
Three axis automatic dispensing machine is for dispensing with the three axis manipulator, to ensure the smooth work of automatic dispensing work should check the status of the mechanical arm, if the operation is not smooth dispensing arm may be due to the friction coefficient caused by too much, you can add the appropriate body to strengthen the lubricating oil dispensing three axis manipulator the operation effect, pay attention to regular cleaning of dust to long-term accumulation in the mobile manipulator and the guide rail.
By adjusting the parameters of the teach box can also enhance the quality of dispensing, first contact dispensing machine operators may not be able to immediately start to use, through the operation of the teaching box can modify the parameters, such as the amount of glue dispensing time, pressure value of teaching box more accessible through the adjustment of operation, and enhance the precision of dispensing and dispensing efficiency, support multiple path programming, the scope of application of three axis automatic dispensing machine more and more practical.
The dispensing chip frame requires high precision automatic dispensing machine, this is because the smaller chip structure caused by the three axis automatic dispensing machine for dispensing package quality requires the use of small needle can strengthen the dispensing of chip on chip, large volume of the plastic glue dispensing needle, applied to the chip package is easy to cause overflow and affect the normal use.