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Does the Longmen dispensing machine meet the requirements of

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Crystal glue bonding should use the right accessories. Although the crystal glue belongs to a common type of glue, the flow of glue is controlled according to the nature of the product, so as to meet the requirements of door and window bonding. The main volume of using the gantry dispenser is large, and the doors and windows are especially large, so it can meet the production of doors and windows. Demand.
水晶胶粘接 Reasons for using large machines
The gantry type crystal gluing machine is specially made for the use of transparent crystal glue and doors and windows. It can certainly meet the requirements of bonding. The glass gluing area is relatively wide. The large-scale machine can be used to bond doors and windows at one time. The effect will be better. It will be very troublesome to use the small-sized machine to need multiple gluing. The way of artificial bonding.
The choice of doors and windows is generally large machines. The gantry type crystal glue dispensing machine can meet the requirements of large doors and windows as well as small doors and windows. This is the advantage of large gantry type glue dispensing machine. Flexible glue dispensing technology will have more effects. Will the quality become worse if better products are selected? Surely not.
龙门式点胶 Requirements for use of transparent adhesive
Transparent crystal glue needs to use glue-coating valve to meet the production needs, which is the reason for choosing dispensing accessories. According to different types of glue, there will be different requirements. Similar red glue needs to use hot-melt glue-dispensing valve, so as to meet the production needs. The crystal glue bonding of doors and windows of gantry dispensing machine is to meet the requirements. Well, we already have real examples. Choosing different products will have different effects, and according to the core needs of the products, it will have better effects.
玻璃点胶 Machine configuration
The PLC system and servo motor used in the gantry dispensing machine, flexible screw control technology, will make the dispensing effect better. For example, the control of transparent crystal glue requires 0.03mm precision, it needs high-quality accessories, control accuracy will be improved, there will be better results. This is the advantage of choosing superior accessories. What is the reason for choosing gantry crystal glue machine for glass gluing? The gluing effect of crystal glue is also very good.