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The gantry glue coating machine can meet the technical requi

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The bottom packaging of display screen mainly depends on that aspect. Mobile phones and televisions are popular in the market. It is basically impossible to meet the requirements of both, but it needs to be produced separately, because mobile phones need to use smaller machines, while televisions need to use large machines to complete dispensing tasks.
Gluing effect of gantry gluing machine
龙门涂胶机 The gantry glue dispensing machine belongs to a special type of mainframe. Placing the gantry on the machine and then driving the manipulator to move, so that the bottom edge of the TV screen can be encapsulated, while the bottom edge of the mobile phone display screen can be encapsulated. It needs to use a high-quality dispensing machine, equipped with automatic spray valves, the dispensing accuracy can be required, and the demand precision is still quite high. .
Bottom Edge Packaging of TV Display Screen
The bottom packaging of TV display screen generally uses a compound dispensing valve. Although the dispensing accuracy is not as high as that of automatic spraying valve, there are many types of glue that can be used. The same is true for the viscosities that can be used, and a dispensing valve with a lot of cost-effectiveness. The gantry glue dispensing machine designed for TV sets needs to be dispensing with a manipulator to realize a truly automatic dispensing method and to speed up efficiency saving.
Bottom Edge Packaging of Mobile Display Screen
复动点胶阀 And the bottom packaging of mobile phone display screen needs to be based on the dispensing accuracy, or according to the dispensing machine used, if the use of the most advanced visual dispensing machine also has such dispensing effect! Fully automatic spray valve with visual dispensing machine is more powerful than the gantry dispensing machine with multiple dispensing valve, so there are many ways to meet the display bottom packaging.
手机点胶 If you need a machine encapsulated at the bottom of the display screen, you can call the hotline 13928403389. No matter what kind of display bottom packaging, we have the production technology. The above two machines belong to non-standard production. We can make the machines according to your requirements.