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High-tech Crystallization: Non-contact Automatic Spraying Va

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Spraying valves are widely used, but they need to be dispensed with desktop visual dispenser or non-standard automatic dispenser. They can be applied to display screen, three anti-paint, watch chain coloring, toy surface spraying, mobile phone TP bonding and so on. They cover the fields of electronics, mobile phones, chips, automobiles, medical treatment, new energy and so on.
Spraying Principle of Rubber Valve
喷涂点胶阀 In fact, the spraying principle of rubber valves is very simple, using pressure density and high strength, and then "pressing" the glue, so that it has a forward force, so that its glue can reach a spraying state. This is the spraying principle of rubber valves. The principle is relatively simple, it is very difficult to achieve. The sealing degree of spraying valves must pass, and the materials used next, must meet the standards. The produced spraying has a wide range of applications, because it has high-precision dispensing function, and the most obvious three-proof paint is applied on the display screen.
What uses non-standard automatic dispensing machine
Spraying valve is called spraying dispensing valve, the purchase price is thousands of yuan, and foreign prices are tens of thousands of yuan, can be used in two dispensing machines, desktop visual dispensing machine and non-punctuation automatic dispensing machine, desktop visual dispensing machine has already known, do not know can dial the hotline below the article for consultation, we are talking about the characteristics of non-punctuation automatic dispensing machine, non-punctuation automatic dispensing machine. The standard means that there is no fixed template, mainly according to the needs of the industry, such as coating three-proof paint on the display screen, using specifications of 1200 * 800 * 600 (long * wide * high), and X/Y/Z (1000 * 600 * 300), which is no longer the specifications of the standard machine, this is the non-standard automatic glue dispensing machine, and then we can customize the machine according to the spray valve application industry, so that it is more in line with production. Demand.
Dispensing machine for assembly line and mechanical arm
非标www.668866.com Non-standard automatic dispensing machine is usually used with assembly line. For example, the display screen coated with three anti-paint is used with assembly line and mechanical arm. It will have better dispensing accuracy and dispensing effect. Desktop visual dispensing machine is only a modification of the standard machine, dispensing accuracy has been improved, but its performance is far less than that of non-standard automatic dispensing machine. This is special dispensing machine. Machine with dispensing valves.
The application of spraying valve must know the spraying principle of spraying valve in order to better control the use of spraying dispensing valve. Just like desktop visual dispensing machine and non-standard automatic dispensing machine, you need to understand the use principle to have better effect. If you are interested in non-standard automatic dispensing machine or visual dispensing machine, or spraying dispensing valve, you can call the service hotline 1392840338. 9.