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Does manual plate painting still be used in dispensing indus

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In the dispensing industry, there are currently three ways of painting, namely manual version, automatic version and full automatic version. First, manual operation, no machine, second, paint automatic completion, but the need for staff to replace products, third, no manual, automatic machine, no working mode, there will be different gluing effect.
Three Painting Ways, Advantages and Disadvantages
油漆 In fact, according to the above way of painting, there will be different cost prices. Manpower needs to pay labor fees, low prices, slow production, moderate price of automatic dispensing machine, quality assurance, but need labor and machine fees, while automatic dispensing machine, low production costs, high quality rate, but the purchase cost is relatively high, in fact, the three ways have certain advantages and disadvantages. Advantages, of course, also have other advantages, can meet the needs of some industries, mainly with the needs of the industry to choose.
Recommended spray dispenser
Today we recommend a practical automatic spray dispensing machine, also known as desktop spray dispensing machine, which is in the standard specifications of the machine type, meaning that the specifications below 551 are basically called Desktop dispensing machine, and this spray dispensing machine is just like the usual dispensing machine, it can not use dispensing syringe for dispensing, can only use spray. Spray dispensing valve, and paint effect will be better than dispensing syringe.
The effect of painting
喷射式点胶机 In PVC filling, we recommend you use desktop spray dispensing machine, spraying effect will be more able to ensure product quality, because paint is a strong mobility, so unlike general glue, using dispensing syringe dispensing is prone to uneven distribution of glue, paint the most taboo things, the use of paint, generally the most important point, product surface smoothness. Degree also guarantees the quality of the product.
PVC填色 The function of spray dispensing machine is to fill PVC. Without professional technology, it is difficult to complete the requirement of filling PVC. This is the result of our strict experiments. The dispensing syringe does not meet the needs of production. If you need the machine to paint, our intermediate system can meet your needs.