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The problem of glue solidification appears in doorway glue c

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There are many reasons for glue curing. Only by analyzing the causes of glue curing can we solve them one by one. Analyzing the causes of glue curing with you will help you solve the glue problem. It can also improve the glue usage rate, which is a two-for-one thing, let's analyze it.
Understanding the problem of glue curing according to the dispensing industry
Automatic glue coating machine and gantry crystal glue coating machine are one of the dispensing equipments we often use. Let's use the dispensing equipment we are most familiar with as the explaining equipment, so we can explain more clearly. The two equipments are applied in different industries, namely, handicraft glue and glass glue. The glue used in the two industries is different, which leads to glue solidification. It will be different.
龙门式水晶涂胶机 Fully automatic gluing machine for handicraft viscose
First of all, let's know the reason why the automatic glue coating machine sticks to handicraft products and causes glue solidification. The glue requirement used in handicraft products is relatively simple, a little similar to that of glue paint, with low concentration and precipitation. If it is not used for a long time, the semi-solidified state will appear. Then, use the automatic glue coating machine to carry out handicraft glue, select the dispensing pressure barrel, and need to be stirred. In order to ensure the activity of the paint and avoid the curing of the glue, the pressure drum of dispensing glue is used.
涂胶机 Gantry Crystal Coating Machine for Glass Coating
The gantry type crystal glue machine is also related to the use of glue and production mode. Generally, the use of silica gel or glass glue in glass glue coating is used. The concentration of two kinds of glue is relatively high, so the use of dispensing valve must choose a dispensing valve matching the corresponding concentration, so as to ensure the flow of glue, not lead to glue blockage, thus causing the problem of glue solidification. Before purchasing dispensing valves, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer which kind of glue can be used and which kind of dispensing valves can be selected to reduce the problem of glue curing.
It can be seen from the automatic glue dispensing machine that the glue property is very important for the crafts viscose and the gantry crystal glue dispensing machine to glue the glass. Understanding the glue property is a problem that can reduce the curing of the glue. In fact, the same is true with which dispensing machine is used. Matching the corresponding machine and dispensing accessories can prevent dispensing problems very well, and the operation is relatively simple.