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Complete the sealing of horn outer ring, highlight the role

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Horn outer ring sealant is also a relatively common one. From manual dispensing to machine dispensing, it belongs to a process change and progress. Artificial dispensing of horn outer ring is particularly easy to get glue to the voice coil, which will affect the sound quality of the whole horn. Sound quality is a decisive factor in product value. Selecting dispensing equipment is also one of the most important steps.
The Difference between Manual and Automation
喇叭外圈点胶 The most expensive loudspeakers in the market are over 100,000 yuan, which are basically manufactured by hand. The annual production volume is not very large, but requires mass production, quality is needed, and the selection of machines to replace manual effect is also good. Fast-drying glue is usually used for the outer ring sealing of loudspeakers, and this glue needs to use a special material, namely Teflon material.
Fast-drying adhesives require equipment using Teflon materials
We are making the automatic dispensing machine for the outer ring sealing of loudspeaker, which has been installed in the Teflon tube to ensure that the glue will not solidify in the inner part of the automatic dispensing machine in the production process, affecting the packaging effect. In order to realize the full automation of the outer ring packaging of loudspeaker, we recommend that you use the visual intelligent dispensing machine with piezoelectric dispensing valve, so the dispensing effect may be better. Use that automatic dispensing machine, all need to be compared.
Visual dispensing machine changes traditional dispensing
The high speed dispensing speed of visual intelligent dispensing machine is faster than that of general automatic dispensing machine, which is mainly attributed to piezoelectric dispensing valve, non-contact dispensing mode, and accelerating dispensing effect. However, it has changed the tradition of sealing the outer ring of the horn, and can not use fast-drying glue, but need to use low concentration glue instead. This will help you solve the problem and ensure the horn. On the premise of quality, we also have many automatic dispensing machines to meet the needs of the horn outer ring sealing glue.
Reasons for Recommending Visual Intelligent Dispenser
We recommend the use of visual intelligent dispensing machine and piezoelectric dispensing valve. There are two main factors. The first one is dispensing speed and the second one is good quality of dispensing. These two are the basic factors for manufacturers to enhance their interests. So we will recommend visual intelligent dispensing machine and piezoelectric dispensing valve. If you need other types of automatic dispensing machine to seal horn outer ring, we can also do so. I'll match it for you.
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