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Machine equipment for customizable gluing of motorcycle igni

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Motorcycle igniter glue can use customized glue dispensing machine to meet higher demand. Motorcycle igniter needs to use rotating glue dispensing technology, need to use glue dispensing die for rotating igniter, so that the glue will be more uniform, and will not affect the quality of the glue dispensing, which is the reason for customizing the glue dispensing machine.
Better control of glue volume with dispensing valve
摩托车点火器涂胶 We have already thought about this problem in making the glue coating scheme for motorcycle igniter. In addition to the requirement of glue dispensing accuracy, we have also matched 3131 glue dispensing valves as glue control devices, combined with the above glue dispensing accessories, and then applied to the motorcycle igniter glue coating, the quality and effect are relatively stable, the application will have a better effect!
Automatic equipment can increase dispensing speed
自动设备涂胶 The glue dispensing machine used in this industry, which we call motorcycle igniter glue dispensing machine, is a middle-end glue dispensing equipment, which can realize the glue dispensing function that some ordinary glue dispensing equipment can not achieve. Because this machine is produced according to the requirements of motorcycle igniter, the whole glue dispensing scheme is carried out around this industry, and the final glue dispensing function is far more than yours. It is expected that the production rate will increase by three to four times as much, and the rate of undesirability will also decrease.
The neutralization system has already designed the glue coating scheme.
www.668866.com In the design of glue coating scheme, we are also considering how to improve the effect of ignition glue coating. In our final test, the combination of motorcycle ignition glue coating machine and 3131 glue dispensing valve is the best. Then we decided to use this machine as one of the special equipment for producing motorcycle ignition glue coating.
If you need a motorcycle igniter glue machine or 3131 dispensing valves, even if you need a variety of industry glue coating solutions can find us, our machine price concessions, you can also do peer wholesale! Our telephone service hotline is 139284403389.