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What are the benefits of using jet valves in automatic dispe

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Application of automatic dispensing machine is very extensive, whether electronic manufacturing industry or Led industry cannot do without the dispensing equipment, dispensing work through automatic dispensing work system can help the user to perform a variety of different requirements, its value has been fully embodied, in addition to the implementation of automatic dispensing machine contact dispensing can perform non-contact dispensing. This needs to be equipped with automatic dispensing machine to spray injection valve, automatic dispensing machine using injection valve what benefits?
The injection valve is a special valve dispensing work, through the assembly of injection valve can make the glue into the spray, at this point does not need to be performed on the Z axis move directly to help users reduce dispensing time consuming, and will not scratch the surface of the object, to ensure the consistency and integrity of the finished product, not drawing of contact dispensing common injection valve, so it is self-evident.
The electronic packaging industry can demand is very high, in order to make automatic dispensing dispensing work can execute more, injection valve assembly is necessary, less injection valve dispensing work than contact dispensing time consuming, not because of the precision to glue glue. Since the jet valve does not need to contact the surface of the object, its service life is longer and more durable than the traditional dispensing valve.
Injection valve can handle a lot of glue, whether common silicone, epoxy adhesive, packaging glue or shadeless glue, red glue, paste and other special fluid are applicable, automatic dispensing machine with jet dispensing valve work can perform a variety of different needs, its value has been further improved, so is the use of automatic dispensing injection valve it is necessary to.