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Dripping phenomenon of automatic dispensing machine

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Automatic dispensing machine is a package for dispensing equipment are often used for industrial production, can perform various surface packaging work through automatic dispensing dispensing mode, traditional dispensing equipment are more than ever in the practicality and operability, the operator is sometimes found automatic dispensing machine leakage problem, which is mainly caused by the multiple production factors.
Multi head automatic dispensing machine
In the presence of a short distance between the needle valve and glue glue, glue when the valve is closed, the remaining part of the glue can not return to point the rubber valve, causing leakage of the glue, glue dripping in waste glue but also because this part of the excess glue automatic drip dispensing on the surface of objects, the bonding caused by alignment well, so the experienced operator performs close glue delay at this stage by glue delay can effectively prevent the leak of the problem.
Automatic dispensing return valve
Selection of needles can also affect the automatic dispensing effect to a certain extent, select the trumpet in the dispensing needle easily because of the glue flow back pressure, is not conducive to the glue caused by the backflow of glue dispensing needle drip, so choose a larger selection of needle is better, can choose the conical inclined dispensing needle with low back pressure, dispensing needles the choice should be determined in the dispensing commissioning phase, avoid the need for needle correction work to affect the normal work of the replacement of dispensing needle.
Multi tube dispensing needle
Dispensing glue is best to avoid the occurrence of bubbles, bubbles will affect final adhesive dispensing effect will make the rubber valve leakage appears when closed, can remove automatic dispensing glue bubbles through the vacuum deaeration treatment, must complete the automatic dispensing machine and sealing integrity, the bubble is not doing enough for dispensing machine seal well before the emergence of the.