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Core technology and automatic dispensing machine of PVC sole

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  What does sole gluing have to do with the use of an automatic gluing machine? In fact, the improvement of realizable production technology has been gradually applied in various industries. One of them is sole dispensing. Double-head spraying machine can be used to fulfill the requirements of sole dispensing, which surpasses manual dispensing in dispensing speed and quality.
鞋垫点胶   Main Functions and Application Effect of Dual-Head Gum Spraying Machine
  The main characteristics of the double-head sprayer are matching with double single-liquid dispensing valves. The double single-liquid dispensing valves can dispense at the same time. The dispensing quantity, dispensing speed and working effect are all the same. Therefore, the dispensing requirements for soles can be quickly completed, because the types of soles we produce are uniform. The automatic dispensing machine is used as the production equipment to complete the dispensing requirements. This is also the characteristics and advantages of automation.
  Single liquid dispensing valve
  Single-liquid dispensing valve is the core part of automatic dispensing machine. Its main function is to control the flow and throttling of glue, to control the amount of glue according to the requirements, not to cause too much or too little glue, to ensure that the amount of glue used in each product is the same. The application of double-end spraying machine and single-liquid dispensing valve in PVC sole dispensing can only be realized, but a single part is impossible. To meet the needs of production.
  PCV sole dispensing
  The core technical requirement of PCV shoe sole dispensing lies in the control of glue quantity, and the need to use automatic dispensing machine, which is the relationship between them. The purpose of this double-head spraying machine is to meet the demand of PCV shoe sole dispensing, to meet diversified production requirements, to quickly complete dispensing requirements and so on. If you have such demand in this respect, you can contact our manufacturer. Telephone service hotline: 13928403389.
双液喷胶机   Dual-end spraying machine belongs to a non-standard automatic dispensing machine. If you need to customize it, it is after we test the sole dispensing for you, the effect meets your requirements. You need to pay a deposit, and then we will produce duplex spraying machine according to the requirements, which is good for everyone.