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What's the advantage of jet automatic dispensing machine?

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The current research direction is toward the dispensing machine manufacturers non-contact automatic dispensing, jet automatic dispensing machine is this trend developed efficient jet dispensing equipment, automatic dispensing machine function than the contact type work automatic dispensing machine general effect by the higher, consumers tend to choose non contact dispenser, then spray type automatic dispensing machine has what advantage?
The most significant characteristic of jet type automatic dispensing machine is non-contact dispensing, it is through the injection valve to achieve the automatic dispensing machine, injection Z axis dispensing can avoid contact dispensing, long-term use can save most of the dispensing work time, automatic injection valve can realize the large area uniform glue coating work, whether it is applied to large objects or small objects dispensing dispensing work effect is very prominent, the general contact methods often appear such problems by drawing glue dripping, jet dispensing directly can avoid these problems, so as to pursue the stability of work dispensing manufacturers will choose injection type automatic dispensing machine as package dispensing docking equipment.
Jet type automatic dispensing machine needs to work environment is relatively low, only working voltage stable working state can, by means of contactless direct influence by air dust or foreign body glue is low, and the non-contact dispensing not because the glue needle scratch dispensing work items. The material rate is very high, to help consumers achieve high efficiency of dispensing work, not because of the spray and influence the object dispensing accuracy, has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient use and easy to get started, these are jet type automatic dispensing machine is better than the general contact type automatic dispensing machine advantage. www.668866.com