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LED light curtain dispensing and the use of visual automatic

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LED light curtain dispensing requires high dispensing accuracy. According to the needs of product coating, red dispensing machine can be selected to achieve dispensing requirements. This is a visual automatic dispensing machine with high-precision dispensing technology, which can realize multiple dispensing functions. It has excellent dispensing accuracy and control precision.
Requirements for the Use of Red Gum
光幕点胶 One thing we should pay attention to when using red gum is the temperature of red gum. The temperature will directly affect the coating effect of red gum. Generally, the storage temperature of red gum is 5 ~7 C, and the dispensing temperature is preferably 30 ~35 C. The viscosity of glue will vary according to the temperature, and will show different viscosity. The size of viscosity is reflected in the fluidity, while red gum is usually stored at 5 ~7 C. The higher the glue temperature, the better the solidification effect. At room temperature, the fluidity will decrease, which is helpful for the glue flow control of red glue dispensing machine.
Red glue dispenser
Red glue dispensing machine is also a visual automatic dispensing machine. On the original basis, it is equipped with heating system. It can wait for red glue dispensing to achieve high temperature curing effect. This is not possible for ordinary dispensing equipment, while LED light screen dispensing requires higher dispensing requirements. Red glue dispensing machine is equipped with precise dispensing valves, so it can be solid. Current red glue dispensing requirements, otherwise after red glue dispensing, no curing effect, easy to lead to red glue overflow, especially to the function of the LED screen line, red glue is with electrical performance, meaning with live function, so glue overflow to other components, will lead to circuit board work errors.
Light curtain dispensing
LED light curtain dispensing is coated with a layer of glue around it. The width of the coating is 0.2mm. At present, only one dispensing valve can be realized in our medium-sized dispensing machine manufacturer, that is, component screw dispensing valve, which is a high-precision dispensing valve. It has good working effect for high or low viscosity glue, because imported motor is used as a dynamic dispensing valve. Force system can mix glue or use glue with high mixing ratio. This is the characteristic of visual automatic dispensing machine. It has very high dispensing function and more dispensing accessories.