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The Skills of Selecting PUR Adhesive and Full Automatic Disp

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There are two types of glue for hot melt adhesives. First, ordinary hot melt adhesives and second, PUR adhesives. How to choose PUR adhesives? Three points need to be noticed: first, their own glue demand, second, glue model, third, glue functionality, according to the three conditions, you can select the suitable PU glue.
Application of Hot Melt Adhesive
热熔胶 PUR adhesives are mainly used in wood, automobiles, electronics, mobile phones, aviation, fabrics and ceramics. They are widely used. For details, the hot melt adhesives used in wood and electronics are different. The hot melt adhesives used in wood have more active polar molecules and react with materials containing active hydrogen. It can be bonded. The PUR adhesive used in the electronic industry has more active electrical properties.
Dispensing of perfume bottles
热熔胶 In the perfume bottle dispensing will use the hot melt adhesive which is biased towards the wood, and the bonding effect will be better. In fact, it is difficult to detect the difference between the hot-melt adhesives. It is very difficult to find the difference between the hot-melt adhesives. In fact, the selection of PUR adhesive will be better according to the nature, and it will also have a good effect on the dispensing effect of the perfume bottle, though the properties of the hot melt adhesive are good. Different, but the use of automatic hot melt adhesive machine is the same, or the adoption of constant temperature system and temperature heating device, can achieve the perfume bottle dispensing, also can use various specifications of hot melt adhesive. But you're sure the most important thing is how much the hot melt glue machine costs.
Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment
The amount of hot melt adhesive machine is related to the complexity of the parts and accessories. The desktop automatic hot melt adhesive machine and the on-line hot melt adhesive machine are of different prices. The former is cheaper and less functional, and can be selected according to the requirements of use. For example, the perfume bottle dispenser can finish the dispensing task with the desktop automatic hot-melt adhesive machine. You pursue the production speed, you can also choose the latter, the cost is high, the production effect is naturally better than the low price. The tabletop type hot melt adhesive is much cheaper, generally 3 cases, and the online price is from tens to tens of thousands, depending on the complexity of the application, it should be applied in the perfume bottle dispensing is about fifty thousand or sixty thousand. About.
热熔胶机 Select PUR glue to meet the requirements, but also use the automatic hot melt glue machine, machine costs are different, the use of constant temperature system and temperature heating device are different, so according to the technical requirements of products, with the corresponding dispensing machine and accessories, not only glue meets the requirements, can be used, but also need machine compliance. Close nest!