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Operating Principle of Fully Automatic Hot Melt Dispenser

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The operation principle of hot melt glue dispensing is very simple, but there are several more procedures than the general automatic dispensing machine, and it is not as difficult as imagined. However, the operation of hot melt glue needs to pay attention to the heating of hot melt glue accessories. Although the parts of hot melt glue dispensing machine have insulation effect, poor operation can easily cause some accidents.
Operating Principle of Dispensing Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
The automatic hot melt dispenser is used to dispense the edge of tablet computer as an example to illustrate the operation principle of hot melt dispenser.
Firstly, there will be instructions for connecting the basic lines, without details. After the lines, the hot melt glue of the sealing box will be placed inside the temperature heating device, which can only be placed 30 ml at a time. Because the capacity of the inner dispensing syringe is only so large, after placing the hot melt glue, the temperature heating device will be fixed, the air pressure or the temperature heating device will be placed. Glue flow out.
Secondly, in the parts of automatic hot melt adhesive machine, there is an accessory called constant temperature and pressure device, which can set the heating temperature and provide air pressure of the temperature heating device. First, the temperature heating device is opened, and so on. The temperature reaches 160 degrees. Then the air pressure control button is opened to provide air pressure, but the temperature reaches, which will lead to hot melt adhesive flow in the sealed box. It affects the dispensing effect.
Thirdly, after waiting for the automatic hot melt dispenser to be heated completely, the boundary dispensing of tablet computer can be carried out, which is the operation principle of hot melt dispenser.
There are mainly two kinds of hot melt adhesives fittings, temperature heating device and constant temperature and pressure device. These two can replace the dispensing valve and dispensing controller in dispensing machine fittings. They also increase in the original function, so hot melt adhesives can be heated for sealing boxes, but the operation process touches hot melt adhesives fittings to avoid scalding.