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Three axis automatic dispensing machine preferred in packagi

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With the development of the market, part of the package has become an important task for most of the line that needs to be performed in the electronic manufacturing field now, for example, because the electronic products market demand is high, so now even the independent electronic packaging industry, through the use of the three axis automatic dispensing package can help in package execution electronic packaging work of high quality.
Three position automatic dispensing machine with two axes
Epoxy resin glue is commonly used packaging materials for electronic packaging, use the glue sealing electronic parts when the effect is good, can carry out the different needs of various dispensing work through a flexible automatic dispensing robot arm, of course, can also be used to package the glue dispensing, dispensing work can perform three axis X, Y, Z range so, some irregular seam glue can also perform, in line with the basic requirements of production of electronic components, in order to make the glue properties do not affect the butt part, when the viscosity of the glue will handle in the flow of three axis automatic dispensing machine inside, the glue can be used in the best state.
Three axis vision automatic dispensing machine
Electronic packaging is mainly in order to make the electronic components with higher service life and more work, the electronic chip work will be decided by the dispensing package quality, generally after dispensing products after either life or work strength than dispensing products, after dispensing after electronic parts can withstand the impact certain.
Floor type three axis automatic dispensing machine
Three axis automatic dispensing machine is put into use can help the electronic packaging industry fixed sealing work, protection work integrated circuit built-in, which can adapt to a variety of long-term work, three axis automatic dispensing machine is put into use the practicality and engineering of electronic products for performance will improve a grade.